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Basic Field Equip't

Basic Fighting and Field Order Requirements


The following 1937 Pattern items will be required to make up your basic fighting and field order.

All items should be blancoed using KG3 (Light) which is the round block and is the correct type used for European Theatre impressions.  KG3 (Dark) which comes in the 'soap' block shape is incorrect for the impression we depict.

The unit holds some quantity of KG3 (Light) which is available for use by members.

3 x Waist Belt's with brass fitting's

(1 x Fighting Order, 1 x Barrack Order, 1 x White Blancoed Parade Order)


2 x No4 Spike Bayonet's and 3 x Frog's

(1 x Bayonet polished for parade order, 1 x Frog White Balncoed Parade Order)


1 x Carrier, 2 x Bottle's

(1 x Bottle to be kept in authentic small pack)



1 x Pair Mk III Pouches

(These have the Press Stud fastener's)


1 x Entrenching Tool and Cover


2 x Pair Left and Right 'L' Straps

(Braces Optional)


1 x Pair Left and Right Cross Straps

(Also known as Braces)


2 x Small Pack

(1 x Authentic Contents, 1 x Un-Authentic Contents)


The Complete Basic Equipment



Basic Packing Contents of Small Pack




As previously mentioned.  You will require two small packs with one being packed with authentic contents.  This is used during field exercises and public display scenario's when we portray an active service unit 'in the field'.


Wash Roll :

The following ideally should be carried within your washing kit and all are able to be used.   It may take some time to gather the entire contents of the wash roll but a basic content would be required as soon as possible.

The contents of this Wash Roll consists :

  • Lifebouy Soap (also shown is a block of Puritan soap) and Soap Tin
  • Nail Brush
  • Travel Cut Throat Razor (Private Purchase)
  • Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste
  • Metal Mirror
  • Shaving Stick, Shavng Brush, Hair Brush and Button Stick
  • winter Rub Liniment and Anti Septic Ointment (Private Purchase)
  • Foot Powder 2 oz and White Towel

Cooking and Heating :

A large proportion of our time is spent in observation trenches, patrolling, intelligence gathering or on the jeep's and in keeping with the best tradition's of the British Army ... a brew up is most welcome!  Again the following items should be obtained as soon as possible for use during 'public open hours'.  Original items are available and reproduction labels are supplied by Tpr. Pope for use on 'modern day' cans and packets.


The above items are a good indication of the contents carried in a mess tin however; it must be stressed that original WW2 mess tin's should NOT be used for cooking and eating out of due to the health risk.  In this instance reproduction mess tins are permissible.


  • Biscuits, Broth Mix, Tea, Spam, Life Saver Mints, Baked Beans
  • Book of Matches, Slim Candles and Paper
  • Wood Alcohol Ration Heating
  • Milk and Sugar Pack
  • Brown Tin Mug and Folding Knife, Fork and Spoon Set


The main stay of the British Army for cooking was the 'Tommy Cooker'.  Excellent reproductions are available from our preferred supplier and come complete with authentic labels.





Boot Cleaning Kit :

Although you may be in the field there is still a requirement to polish boots.  This keeps them water proof and subtle.  Both polish and dubbing was carried and an example of a field cleaning kit is shown here.  Two types of boot polish and dubbing have been laid out for reference.


In addition to the above item's.  The following will also be required though not essential immediately.



Mk II Para Helmet with leather chin strap.

(Original's are available but expensive.  Excellent repro's available though)


Airborne Toggle Rope

(Worn Around the shoulders and waist or attached to Entrenching Tool Helve)


Airborne Respirator Haversack and Contents

Anti-Dimming Outfit Mk V or VI,  Gas Goggles Mk II, Anti-Gas Ointment No II, 

Gas Attack Instructions and Gas Brazzard




Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife

(Either Scabbard is Acceptable)


Ground Sheet


Cellanese Triangular Marker Panel




Period Issue Sleeping Bag and Cover

The Denison Sleeping bag would also be Acceptable

Members of the unit are always on hand to provide advice and recommendations regarding the above equipment.  We strongly suggest new members seek our advice prior to making expensive purchases which can not be used in the impression or portrayal we depict.

Personal kit pictures kindly provided unit members past & present.

Contact Troop HQ






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