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Allied Re-enactment Groups :


Victory in Europe Re-Ennactment Association
The Victory in Europe Reenactment Association is a well established World War Two Historical Group which carries out static displays, battle reenactments and 'living history' displays at public shows and private events all over the U.K. and Europe

CHALK Living History
CHALK are a newly formed World War 2 living history group based in the North of England. Our members are made up of experienced living historians, seasoned reenactors and, of course, new recruits. Primarily we portray the Glider Pilot Regiment, however, we also depict a variety of British Army units; Airborne, Infantry and Army Commando to name but a few.-enactment group dedicated to accurately portraying Pathfinder Airborne Troopers of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division during D-Day operations in June 1944.

1st Airborne Recconnaissance Squadron 'A' Troop
The group portrays 'Recce' in its time as a member of the 1st Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden in Arnhem, Holland. 

Battle 4 Europe

We are an award winning re-enactment team specialising in the 56th (independent) Infantry Brigade Second Battalion Essex Regiment. Our display includes mock battles, weapon and arm displays and kit displays, which include the majority of the equipment issued to various forces during that time. We are a voluntary organisation who participate in regular military events.

South Wales Borderers
A small dedicated unit, accurately portraying the normal "Tommy Soldier" of that day. Our dress reflects the way fighting men looked in action and at rest behind the lines.

Poor Bloody Infantry
Poor Bloody Infantry endeavour to represent to represent the World War II British soldier, both on the home front and at war. We participate in World War II Airsoft skirmishes, as well as public living history re-ennactment events. 

2nd Airborne Bn Ox & Bucks Light Infantry
The 2nd (Ab) Bn Oxf & Bucks LI, Living History Group is UK based with impressions based on the exploits of the '52nd' from June 1944 to May 1945. The Battalion was part of 6th Airlanding Brigade, 6th Airborne Division. The main engagements the Battalion was involved in are; D Day, Normandy Campaign, Arnhem (1st Ab Div Defence Platoon), The Ardennes, Op Varsity (Airborne crossing of the Rhine) and the link up with Soviet forces at Wismar on the Baltic coast.

Summer of 44
Summer of 44 formed in 1997 around several friends sharing an interest in British Airborne history of World War Two, specifically the period encompassing "The Summer of 1944".

The Grey Funnel Line
A group dedicated to the upholding of the memory of those who served in the Royal or Merchant Navies, and all those who supported them in the carrying out of this service.

The 29th Division (UK)
We are a re-enactment group, re-enacting the American infantryman of the 29th Infantry Division during WWII. We are based in the UK

Thunder from Heaven
Thunder from Heaven is an award winning Second World Wa Living History Group who portray the combat soldier of WW2. Our main impressions are based around the U.S. Airborne soldier.

Red Bull Express
The 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment Re-enactment Group is a group of friends who started collecting U.S. military vehicles and equipment of World War II some years ago. In July 2004 at the Beltring War & Peace Show we came up with the idea to start a new WWII re-enactment group to show the organization, hard work and bravery of the men of the 514th Quartermaster Truck Regiment, how they supplied Patton's army with fuel, ammo, rations and just about every thing else that was needed in their advance across Northern France.


Axis Re-enactment Groups :

Das Heer

Das Heer  portrays the men of the 2nd Company, 1st Battalion of the 27th Infantry Regiment from the 12th Infantry Division. The 12th Infantry was a Pomeranian / Mecklenburg unit whose Divisional symbol was a charging European Bison. 

Formed in 1978 Second Battle Group is the UKs longest serving Second World War Living History and Historical Society.  


Specifically portray's a late war impression of the ground role that the Fallschirmjager undertook. From Normandy through to Holland, the Ardennes and early 1945.
* Our highly respected and worthy foe*

Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82
Living history group that seeks to recreate a field medical unit of the German Army, circa 1944.   They also have a Military Police group, Secret Field Police section and Divisional Chaplain.

Gross Deutschland LH Society

Portray's as accurately as possible the rifle men of an armoured reconnaissance unit within the elite 'Grossdeutschland' Division of World War II.

Das Reich
W.A.R.S. Das Reich Re-enactment Society is formed by members who have an historical interest in the Axis Armed Forces of WWII.Das Reich, portray Grenadiers from the 2 Kompanie, Aufklärungabteilung (reconnaissance battalion) of the 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Division “Das Reich”.

The U-Boat Society
Portray's, researches and represents the men of the otherwise forgotten U-Boat service of Admiral Doenitz.

Associations & Organisations

All Fronts Re-enactment Association
AFRA is a constantly evolving project. From it’s inception in 1998 as a small group of re-enactors portraying German Soldiers of WWII it grew into a well established Association of individuals. These individuals undertook a wide variety of German portrayals and the diversity added to what they did. AFRA continued to develop and expand its remit until in the Autumn of 2007 the decision was made to open the membership to ALL Living Historians and Re-enactors covering the 20th Century.

Pathfinder Parachute Group Europe

Pathfinder Parachute Group is the United Kingdom' & Europe's round canopy parachute club.  Formed to enable retired paratroops and airborne enthusiasts to jump using round canopies, military style, for fun.  The group jumps annually for the Arnhem & Normandy commemorations.

UKMS2000 has been running the Militaria fairs at the Historic Dockyard Chatham, Slip No.5 for over 5 years. This particular site is unique in that not only is it 36,000 sq.ft of space and under cover but is also a 'Drive In' venue. This ensures that we can boast that the Fairs are never rain or snowed off and definitely never blown away! 


WW2 Jeep Supplies :

Jeffrey Engineering

Highly recommended provider of jeep maintenance, conversions, welding and restoration.


Militaria Dealers, Uniform, Insignia & Printing Suppliers :

"Div Patch". Insignia, Unit Clothing and Printing


UKMS2000 Militaria Fairs

Motion Picture Props

Sentimental Journey

Soldier of Fortune



Photographers :

Stuart Gould

Nick Halling


Publications :

Armchair General

Skirmish Magazine

Best of British Magazine

Forums & Usefule sites:

WW2 Reenacting

Pst! : Axis Reenactment Forum

Military Vehicle Forum 

g503 - 'The' Forum for Willys and Ford GPW's

Blanco & Bull

Veterans Organisations & Museums :


Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

Royal British Legion

British Veterans Recognition Card

Parachute Regimental Association

Pompey Paras


Airborne Assault Museum, Duxford

The Hartenstein Airborne Museum

The Pegasus Archive

The Glider Pilot Regiment


Advisory Notice

The above links are provided as sources of information and contact with external groups and organisations.  Just Ordinary Men can not vouch for their accuracy, authenticity or ethics. Pleas contact the OC if any of the information or web sites change.

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